REST POST Request to Revit Server 2014

I just arrived in Gothenburg, Sweden, for a mini-web-workshop. I'll let you know what I learn here soon.

Meanwhile, here is a quick little important note on a change to the Revit Server 2014 REST API that affected some:

Question: I am using a POST request to copy a RVT file from one Revit Server folder to another. This call worked fine in Revit Server 2013, but returns an error code 404 in Revit Server 2014. I looked at the documentation of the request and can see no changes.

I can perform GET requests on my folders in 2014 and get valid responses, but a POST will not work. Here are the strings that I am using for my testing, corresponding to the SDK document examples:

I reviewed all the Revit Server API access sample code I could find to no avail.

All of the other requests work fine with 2014. I also compared my POST lines for 2013 and 2014. They are identical, and so are the ones provided in the 2013/2014 PDFs. If I take the post lines I have created for 2014 and change them back to 2013 they work just fine as well.

What in heaven's name is the problem, please, and, above all, how can I fix it?

Answer: Oops. Sorry. The signature of that API call changed since the documentation you are using was created.

The new syntax is:

Example: Given a model called WorkingModel.rvt in a folder called OldFolder at the root of the Projects tree that needs to be moved to a new folder at the same level called NewFolder. Here is the call to achieve that:

Response: Works like a charm.

I have been adding quite a bit of functionality to my original copy down tool, e.g., the ability for users to create projects, add RVT's with specified names, and create a CMD file to batch copy down central files for our Navisworks integration.

Thank you.