Dependency Injection and Model Checker API

Happy New Year!

Let's begin it gently with the following notes on topics that caught my eye and interest:

AU 2023 Classes

Did you miss an interesting class at AU? Check out the entire collection of Autodesk University 2023 classes online.

Dependency Injection for Revit API

Between Christmas and New Year, Luiz Henrique @ricaun Cassettari implemented, documented and shared a complete solution for dependency injection for Revit API, saying:

I created a library to help create a container for Dependency Injection, designed to work with Revit API. It is open-source and has a package in the Nuget:

I created this 22-minute video on how to add the package and a simple example with an ICommand implementation:

That's it for the year 2023; Happy New Year with best regards!

Happy New Year to you too, ricaun, and to the entire community from me as well!

RevitLookup Updates

Before the DI project, ricaun also contributed to RevitLookup, working with Roman Nice3point, principal maintainer, helping to produce:

RevitLookup 2024.0.11 welcomes you with improved visuals, support for templates to fine-tune data display, improved navigation, in-depth color support:

Here, I'm wrapping things up. Wishing everyone a splendid New Year and a joyous Christmas ahead. As always, yours truly – @Nice3point

RevitLookup 2024.0.12 is the last corrective update for 2023, bringing minor tweaks and improvements:

That's all for now. Again, wishing you all a Happy New Year with best regards, do what you love, evolve, travel, don't forget to have a rest and keep coding! – @ricaun

Model Checker API Docs

Shrey_shahE5SN4 very kindly points out the Model Checker API documentation in his question on setting up IPreBuiltOptionsService options for CheckSet in AIT:

I am... building an add-in button. When clicked, it will execute the Model Checker from Autodesk Interoperability Tools. Following the provided guidelines, I am progressing through the necessary steps:

Model Checker API

Thank you for that hint, Shrey_shahE5SN4.

ChatGPT and Maestro AI for Revit Scripting

AI programming assistants are boosting developer effectivity in many areas. Here is one dedicated to Revit customisation: Maestro AI for Revit scripting. Looking forward to hearing how it shapes out.

Eric Boehlke of Truevis has also been working to focus LLMs to work better with programming Revit and shared some results:

My latest attempt:

I haven't tested it with C# yet, but it is working well with Python and DesignScript.

Construction Spending Rising in the US

Good news for the AEC industry: an impressive positive jump in total construction spending: manufacturing in the United States (TLMFGCONS):

Total construction spending

Free Will

As a scientifically and technically minded person, I often find philosophical pondering rather vague. I was therefore pleased to read the interesting and precise analytical philosophical discussion on Dennett vs Sapolsky on free will: a clash over different claims?, comparing the volition and predetermination of a boulder crashing down a mountain and a skier who skis down the mountain, including the possible influence of quantum mechanical effects.


Have you ever heard the term "vuca"? I had not. Apparently, it stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Facing us in the recent past, and possibly in coming years as well. Which leads to the dread of a long-term state, a “permavucalution”. Oh dear. Let's hope that our humanity and free will can help handle it.