Revit 2018.1 NuGet Packages, Rooms and Views in Forge

Two little items to point out before we end the week:

Select Rooms and Views to Publish to the Cloud

People have complained about Revit rooms not being translated to Forge.

This can be easily fixed by selecting the views to publish to the cloud and ensuring that the views with the rooms and all other required elements are included.

You can do so manually in the Collaboration for Revit add-in and (possibly, not yet confirmed) programmatically as well, as pointed out in the discussion last year on selecting RVT 3D views for Forge translation.

C4R Views for Forge

If you succeed in doing it programmatically, please let us know!

I would love to share a sample demonstrating that.

Thank you!

Revit 2018.1 API NuGet Packages

Andrey Bushman points out his updated NuGet packages and Revit add-in template set for the Revit 2018.1 API in the Revit API discussion forum thread on the Revit2018AddInTemplateSet.

Andrey originally introduced the Revit API NuGet packages in December last year and also updated RevitLookup to make use of them.

He went on to introduce his add-in template set in February.

It implements significant enhancements over the skeleton projects produced by the Visual Studio Revit add-in wizards, cf. the comparison between the two and Q & A.

Andrey later also added support for Edit and Continue in the template set.

His new thread announces the add-in templates set updated for Revit 2018.1 plus the links to the necessary NuGet packages:

RevitLookup has already been updated to use the NuGet Revit 2018.1 API package as well.

Many thanks to Andrey for maintaining these useful resources!

By the way, we also have a NuGet package for the Revit Server REST API Library.

I wish you a nice weekend!