AEC DevCamp 2012 Material

Both the AEC and Manufacturing DevCamp 2012 material is now publicly available.

The top-level node provides access to the overviews and the five main tracks, i.e.

AEC DevCamp 2012 Material

For completeness' sake, here is the list of are the Revit beginner sessions:

Revit Beginner

These are the Revit advanced topics:

Revit Advanced

I presented some details from a number of the advanced Revit API session in my reports from DevCamp day one and DevCamp day two.

In conjunction with the getting started material available from the Revit developer centre, this material just about touches on all important aspects of the Revit API.

Please note that the material is still not completely finalised. Some items will still be updated. The location specified above is only temporary and will change, so don't use it for any long-term links, or be ready to update thm once the final archival location is in place.

Addendum: Here is a pointer to the finalised AEC DevCamp 2012 material download.

ARCxl Detail Library

I am normally not very concerned about Revit content, although that aspect is often of equal or greater importance than the API.

Here is a little item that happened to catch my attention anyway:

A library of non-proprietary generic construction details containing over 120,000 entries in native Revit, DWG and PDF file formats is now publicly available. It was built in 2008-2009 to an agreed set of standards within a single office, providing consistency throughout. The library also includes over 1,000 Revit components to modify the details. Being provided in RFA, RFT and DWG format, the details and components can easily be modified.