The ADN Sample AdnRme for Revit MEP 2014

I am back safe and sound in Europe again, and the pressure to complete my preparations for the upcoming Moscow Revit DevCamp on June 25th and the Revit 2014 API training in Sydney in July is gradually growing.

As part of the preparation, I recently migrated the The Building Coder samples and the ADN Revit API training labs to Revit 2014, followed up by fixing most deprecated API usage warnings generated by The Building Coder samples.

I now also addressed the ADN Revit MEP sample AdnRme, which turned out to be very easy indeed.

All I had to do was update the Revit API assembly references, and it compiled right away with zero errors and zero warnings. That was a bit of a surprise.

Here is containing version 2014.0.0.0 of the AdnRme sample for Revit MEP 2014.

One thing I plan to do real soon now is post and host the ADN sample material on GitHub to make is easier to maintain and collaborate on.