Filtered Element Collector Sample Overview

The developer conference in Paris went well, and Adam, Partha and I spent a nice day exploring Paris using their wonderful velib bicycle rental system. You pay just one euro for a one-day membership. It allows you to pick up and return a bicycle at any one of the city's hundreds of completely automated and networked rental points. If you return the bike within thirty minutes, it is free of charge. Beyond that time, it costs a euro or two per half hour extra.

Here are some impressions of our tour; they also have a lot to do with filtering, by the way. First, here is a happy Karl Osti enjoying a smoke in Vienna airport en route from Moscow to Paris:

Karlo Osti enjoying a smoke

He can be retrieved using a dedicated CarloFilter, represented here by this smoker's cabin.

Karl, in turn, uses a MarlboroFilter.

Here are Adam and Partha using a BicycleFilter, after the first leg of rental bicycling up from Bercy along the Boulevard du Temple:

Adam and Partha enjoying the rental bicycles

Here are the three of us using a PedestrianBridgeFilter crossing the Canal Saint-Martin at Quai de Valmy close to the Gare de l'Est:

Canal Saint-Martin close to the Gare de l'Est

And here we are on Montmartre in front of the Sacre Coeur basilica:

On Montmartre in front of Sacre Coeur

More photos are available in the Facebook album.

Meanwhile, returning to Revit, here is something I have been waiting to do for quite a while now, but new things kept cropping up. After discussing my own filtered element collector benchmarks early on in the Revit 2011 release cycle, Kevin's filtering samples and benchmarks last week, and a large number of other samples in between, I hope that we have covered everything relevant by now and the right moment has finally arrived to present a pretty extensive filtered element collector sample overview:

I hope this provides a useful knowledge base to enable you to solve all your element retrieval needs. Obviously, some creativity on your side will also be required.