AU Winds Down

AU is winding down. The physical conference has closed. AU Virtual is still in full swing today with tons of great on demand content. I just learned that everybody, including you, is invited to engage with AU Virtual via the Free Pass option. You can register and access great content right now.

Good Suggestions for Beginners

I finished my participation by going to the closing party and visiting the shark aquarium after attending one final class by Rod Howarth:

Rod showed us a number of simple yet powerful and time-saving utilities and explained how they can be implemented. Above all, he put together an excellent collection of suggestions and resources for beginners, providing a great overview of how to start using the Revit API from scratch for an absolute newbie; books on learning C# and .NET and programming, blogs, forums, ADN, etc. He also described RvtMgdDbg (for 2010) and most important of all, steps on how to fish, i.e. how to explore the Revit database and the data on and relationships between elements in order to discover for yourself how to automate some task you require. He also mentioned that he set up a new entry point to his custom Google search at

Anyway, I am on my way to the airport now, glad to have left the gargantuan hotel and casino and convention centre complex and be out in the sun and fresh air again.