RevitLookup Extensible Storage Restored

I already discussed the first clean-up of the new Reflection based version of RevitLookup; here comes the second one, restoring access to view extensible storage data:

Recent Changes to RevitLookup

Here is an overview of the recent changes so far:

On February 6, I presented a drastic change to RevitLookup contributed by Andy @awmcc90 McCloskey, RevDev Studios, using Reflection to provide more complete coverage of all the Revit database element methods and properties.

Victor Chekalin, aka Виктор Чекалин, took a critical look at the new version and cleaned it up significantly to address some raw edges in his pull request #25 – old bug fixes and improvements of the new approach , presented February 17.

Restore Access to Extensible Storage Data

Alexander Ignatovich, @CADBIMDeveloper, aka Александр Игнатович, examined the new version and says:

I worked a lot with extensible storage in the past. This theme remains important for me nowadays as well. With the new Reflection approach, the extensible storage data display disappeared from RevitLookup.

Therefore, I submitted a pull request #26 to the RevitLookup GitHub repo.

I restored the ability to see extensible storage content and made some refactorings.

I also added the ability to see GUID values.

Many thanks to Alexander for restoring this critical piece of functionality!

Download and Access to Old Functionality

The most up-to-date version is always provided in the master branch of the RevitLookup GitHub repository.

Alexander's enhancement is provided in RevitLookup release 2017.0.0.17 and later versions.

If you would like to access any part of the functionality that was removed when switching to the Reflection based approach, please grab it from release 2017.0.0.13 or earlier.

I am also perfectly happy to restore other code that was removed and that you would like preserved. Simply create a pull request for that, explain your need and motivation, and I will gladly merge it back again.