New Project Document

A short and simple question from Nadim on the NewProjectDocument method:

Question: I am using

Document doc = app.NewProjectDocument( 
  string templateFile );

Revit shows that it is loading the template as it does usually when it creates a new document; however, it does not really create the new document.

Any idea why?

Answer: I implemented a sample external command CmdNewProjectDoc to test it for you and it works fine for me:

const string _template_file_path 
  = "C:/Documents and Settings/All Users"
  + "/Application Data/Autodesk/RAC 2010"
  + "/Metric Templates/DefaultMetric.rte";
public IExternalCommand.Result Execute(
  ExternalCommandData commandData,
  ref string message,
  ElementSet elements )
  Application app = commandData.Application;
  Document doc = app.NewProjectDocument( 
    _template_file_path );
  doc.SaveAs( "C:/tmp/new_project.rvt" );
  return CmdResult.Failed;

After running the command, the new project file is created and saved in the expected location:

2009-11-23  12:26  2,056,192 new_project.rvt