11 Years and Revit API Docs Full Text Search

Happy Birthday to The Building Coder!

The online Revit API documentation now supports full text search.

Dynamo implements a new ViewCone functionality:

Birthday cake with candles

Happy Birthday to The Building Coder

Today is The Building Coder's eleventh birthday!

The Building Coder published its first article this day eleven years ago, August 22, 2008.

Many happy returns of the day!

Revit API Docs Full Text Search

Gui @gtalarico Talarico, the author of the online Revit API documentation revitapidocs.com, announced new invaluable search functionality:

Who doesn't love Searchable Docs?

Only took me 3 years to catch this

Who doesn't love Searchbable Docs?
Only took me 3 years to catch this
Thanks guys 🔎🤦‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/4wXK3Re2Mw

— Gui Talarico (@gtalarico) August 19, 2019

Here is an example of a sample query:

Revitapidocs full text search

Dynamo ViewCone

Kean Walmsley pointed out a new piece of Dynamo functionality that may come in useful for field-of-view analysis, in his article on using a view cone for targeted visibility in Dynamo with Space Analysis:

This post is about a new visibility-related capability: the ViewCone. This is an object that allows you to perform a more limited visibility analysis within a particular cone of view (i.e., from a point towards a direction with a specified field of view). This is very handy when analysing the view someone has from their desk, for instance.

Unfortunately for us here, this is probably only available in Dynamo, not in the pure Revit API underlying it.