Finding a Development Partner

I was able to recuperate a bit from the previous weeks' travels and conferences in Milan this weekend, where I did very little except feel exhausted and ill. Now I am fine again, though, and arrived safely for the developer conference and DevLab here in Farnborough in the UK. The plane last night was late, of course, so I checked in way after midnight, but at least we all made it here this year :-)

Now and then, people ask me how they can locate a Revit developer to implement something for them, either for personal use or as a commercial application.

One thing that I can point you to is the official Autodesk list of ADN developer partners at > Professional Services.

Another place you can look and also post a request for proposals is the Revit API discussion forum at > Autodesk Revit > Autodesk Revit API.

Then we have a number of well-known independent developers, many of whom have both asked questions and contributed solutions to this blog, such as Guy Robinson (NZ), CADWorks, NTI CADcenter and CAD-Q (Scandinavia), GEM Team Solutions (Germany), BIMWare, CADSoft, etc.

You can also obviously post a comment below and see whether anyone responds to that, regardless of whether you are offering some Revit API development service or if you are searching for some or have a RFP.

Some additional general advice: when hiring someone to perform a service, you might want to ask for contact details of three prior customers of theirs, so that you can talk to them. Hiring a consultant is not that much different from hiring an employee, so it is prudent to perform a careful interview and check the references.

Obviously, check for existing built-in functionality and existing applications before you even start dreaming let alone thinking of creating a custom solution. BIMapps may help with the latter.

Good luck!