A .NET Language Learning Resource

Since all Revit API programming is based on .NET, and the most accessible programming languages for creating .NET applications are C# and VB, we are occasionally asked how to get started with these. While we discussed the resources available for getting started with the Revit API itself, there is also a need to learn a .NET programming language in order to make efficient use of it.

Here is an enthusiastic endorsement from Jack Foster for some VB.NET training material. Jack is a long time LISP programmer who has been learning the core concepts of VB.NET while trying to use the AutoCAD.NET API. He never used VB or VBA before.

Good morning and I wanted to let you know that I found a website, in the UK no less, that has some great basic beginner's tutorials online that are free: http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk. Or you can purchase, as I did, a PDF e-book for the outstanding price of 5.49 pounds which is an absolute steal. I thought I would let you know in case you have some other beginners who need some easy to learn. I am very impressed with the detailed explanations that are provided.

I am doing pretty well with what you all taught me and have had to tweak and make additions but it is all working fine. Many times I have felt like going to Dev Help online but I have resisted and been able to figure it out myself and I learn more that way. There will be times when it will be essential to get your help. Please pass this on. There is also a Visual C# .NET course.

I have fiddled and googled and all kinds of links trying to find out something. Stumbled onto this website from googling and went to the tutorial on combo boxes and WOW. Right there step by step and very clearly explained was exactly what I needed to know. This is so much better than some books I looked at, and I even bought the Dummies VB.NET book. The cliché 'can't say enough about how good it is' would kind of apply here. Pass it on to anyone and check it out to make sure.

I have done AutoLISP for 20 years and I am still not good at it but I have done a lot of good things. VB.NET just totally dazzles me with what you can do. With AutoLISP I had reduced what took an hour down to five minutes. With VB.NET I have now reduced that hour task to about 15 seconds or less. That is mindboggling to me.

Converting Between C# and VB

We have repeatedly touched on the topic of converting between C# and VB, and I mentioned how I use the Reflector tool for this task, for example to convert Revit SDK samples. Kean Walmsley has also now explored this topic in some depth in this new post on converting between C# and VB.NET.