Introduction to DevTech

I'm very pleased to be part of a great team at Autodesk: DevTech, the Developer Technical Services team. Our focus is on providing high quality services to members of ADN, the Autodesk Developer Network. Aside from providing technical support for programming-related questions, we also write technical solutions, which we call DevNotes, present at technical conferences, provide API training and mentoring, i.e. short-term consulting, and liaise regularly with our engineering teams.

The team is spread around the world, so we have groups in the Americas, China, Europe, India, and Japan, split into 'virtual' workgroups for the architectural, mechanical, basic platform and media & entertainment products. I am a member of the architectural or AEC workgroup.

Everyone in the team is a programming expert focusing on multiple products and wearing many hats. We believe very strongly that providing hands-on support is a great way to develop strong technical skills that are of use in other parts of our job, so everyone in the team is involved in answering questions from our ADN members.

You'll hopefully get to know other members of the AEC DevTech team as time goes on, when some of the tips and techniques they use (and discover) as part of their respective jobs appear to be of general interest.