Geometry Options

This is part 1 of Scott Conover's AU 2009 class on analysing building geometry.

It all starts with the get_Geometry and its options. What are these options?

Geometry is typically extracted from the indexed property Element.Geometry, or Element.get_Geometry in C#. This property accepts an options class which you must supply. The options class customizes the type of output you receive:

Contents of the extracted geometry

The extracted geometry is returned to you as an Autodesk.Revit.Geometry.Element. You can look at the geometry members of that element by iterating the Objects property. Typically, the objects returned at the top level of the extracted geometry will be one of:

An instance offers the ability to read its geometry through the GetSymbolGeometry and GetInstanceGeometry methods. These methods return another Autodesk.Revit.Geometry.Element which can be parsed just like the first level return from get_Geometry:

In some cases, instances may be nested many levels deep. For example, a baluster in a railing placed in a document, or any other example of nested family instances. We'll discuss transformations and their relationship to instance geometry later in this course.

Other sources of geometry

Geometry can also be obtained from a variety of other properties and methods: