RevitLookup Supports Spot Dimension and Escape

RevitLookup sports two new useful enhancements since adding support for the NuGet Revit API package in mid-December:

Close all Forms Using the Escape Key

Paul @luftbanana van Nassau added support to close all the nested RevitLookup forms using the Escape key by assigning them the appropriate cancel button behaviour in pull request #20:

I assigned the CancelButton field (in each form that didn't have a CancelButton field assigned yet) to the proper button available.

This provides the function of closing each form with the keyboard ESC key (which can be faster than pointing and clicking your mouse).

I integrated Paul significant time-saving enhancement into RevitLookup release 2017.0.0.10.

Many thanks to Paul for implementing this!

Here is the diff showing what he added.

Support for Spot Dimension

LeeJaeYoung reported an issue snooping spot dimensions in a comment on the discussion of Revit 2017, RevitLookup and SDK Samples, saying:

Spot dimension position and text position causes an error in RevitLookup 2017.0.0.8, but works okay in Revit 2015. I think the leader and text position properties of spot dimension are causing this. Snooping a SpotDimension displays the message:

  Can't set/get leader position for one of these cases:

  1. SpotElevation.
  2. When using equality formula.
  3. When dimension style is ordinate.

RevitLookup spot dimension error

Here are the steps to reproduce:

Here is a 47-second YouTube recording demonstrating the problem:

Many thanks to LeeJaeYoung for reporting and documenting this problem!

I fixed it in RevitLookup release 2017.0.0.11.

Here is the diff showing what I changed.

As always, you can grab the most up-to-date version from the RevitLookup repository master branch.