Welcome to The Building Coder, a blog dedicated to programmers working with the Revit API. My name is Jeremy Tammik and I work in the DevTech team, Autodesk's Developer Technical Services. We provide technical services to members of ADN, the Autodesk Developer Network. This includes programming support, consulting, training and evangelism. I'll be using this blog to share technical information about the use of the Revit API, i.e. its Application Programming Interface. I am part of the AEC workgroup in DevTech, and many of these posts will be contributed by my colleagues.

A little about myself: I studied mathematics and physics at Marburg University in Germany, then worked as a programmer using C on early GUI and multitasking projects, before the existence of Windows. I joined Autodesk in 1988 and provided developer support, consulting, and evangelism for AutoCAD in Europe before the inception of ADN, working my way through the Lisp, C and C++ APIs AutoLISP, ADS, and ObjectARX as they came along. At that point, I left Autodesk and worked on a large HVAC application, initially based on AutoCAD and later AutoCAD Architecture, finally acquired by Autodesk and now integrated into AutoCAD MEP. I rejoined Autodesk in 2005 and learned both the mechanical products such as Inventor and AutoCAD Mechanical and the new architectural ones such as Revit in developer support as well as consulting capacities.

If you have suggestions for interesting topics to cover in this blog, please feel free to contact me at jeremy.tammik@autodesk.com. Neither my blog nor my email account should be considered channels for receiving support, however, and I make no guarantees that we will be able to address topics that are proposed. But please do feel free to drop me a line.