Multi-Target Add-Ins, AI, Markdown and Job Offer

Let's finish this week with a blog post completely free of source code – but not of Revit API topics:

Compiling Add-Ins for Multiple Revit Versions

I met Sander Obdeijn at several Autodesk, Forge and Revit and came to value his deep Revit experience, both in the user interface and API.

Happily, Sander now says, I'm also joining the blogosphere and my opening post will be about using custom MSBuild target files to easily compile add-ins for multiple Revit versions from the same codebase:

That is indeed good news!

Welcome, Sander!

I asked whether his approach might also be used in Visual Studio 2015, and he replies, '.NET core should also work in Visual Studio 2015, but haven’t tested this'.

Sander's Hero

Generative Design for Office Planning

In The Wilson Quarterly, Jeffrey Brown published This is your office on AI.

It features Autodesk's new Toronto office and an interesting four-minute presentation on Generative Design for Architecture: Autodesk MaRS Office:

Handy Markdown Tutorial

Just a quick note for my own reference: I discovered this very handy Markdown tutorial.

I use Markdown a lot for editing text.


Well, all The Building Coder blog posts are written completely in Markdown.

Please refer to the tbc GitHub repository for The Building Coder blog posts markdown source.

I also use Markdown all the time every day to write and edit messages in Slack.

Job Offer for Senior Software Engineer in Tel Aviv

Autodesk is recruiting now for a Senior Software Engineer in Computer Graphics located in Tel Aviv, Israel, or other European location.

If this might be of interest to you, please check out the Senior Software Engineer Computer Graphics job details (#18WD28322).


Our superstar graphics team is looking for a passionate senior software engineer to join us in developing a cutting-edge, cross-platform viewing component for our BIM 360 platform.

This new and exciting project is designed to enable engineers, architects, superintendents and project owners to view, share, collaborate and perform quality checks on their construction projects and designs.

As a key member of a small and versatile graphics team, you'll have the opportunity to use various technologies and lead innovation.

As part of Autodesk Israel, you’ll enjoy all the treats and benefits of being an Autodesk employee, working in one of the most beautiful offices in Israel.