Exchange App Webinar and Travel Plans

Register and mark your calendar now for this upcoming webcast on making the most of the Autodesk Exchange Apps store:

"How developers can ride and profit from the
Autodesk Exchange Apps adoption wave"

There are currently 15 Autodesk Exchange Apps stores. They represent a huge opportunity for developers to gain direct access to the growing number of Autodesk customers using Exchange Apps. In just one year they have enjoyed over one million visits and over 250,000 downloads. With comments like “one of my most useful tools”, “love this app, saved me hours of work”, there’s no doubt that Exchange Apps has become a resource that Autodesk customers rely on to find useful apps of all types.

If you develop apps and want to reach more customers quickly, easily and inexpensively but haven’t yet put your toe in the water with Exchange Apps, the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) team is ready to help you. You’re invited to attend a webinar on June 13th hosted by Jim Quanci and Stephen Preston to learn how you can catch the wave and participate in the accelerating growth of Exchange Apps.

You’ll learn the tricks of the trade when publishing on Exchange Apps, get ideas on how to be successful and learn about the ability to publish localized apps. Here’s what you need to know:

Webinar details:

Open to anyone interested in publishing apps on Autodesk Exchange Apps – ADN membership is not required :-)

Registration: Reserve your place by June 11 by sending an email to with Exchange Apps webinar as the subject. Please make sure you include your full name, company name and email address.

Visit right away if you want a head start in learning how to publish apps.

On the Road Again

I am hopping on a plane to Boston this afternoon, for the upcoming Autodesk internal Tech Summit in Cambridge, where I finally get to present the cloud-based simplified 2D Revit model editor that I have been having so much fun researching and developing.

I'll be staying on there for a while to meet and spend some time with my colleagues and the Revit API development team.

Later this month, I will be heading to Moscow for a Revit DevCamp.

Then, in July, I'll participate in the Autodesk football tournament in London and present the first hands-on Revit 2014 API training in Sydney, Australia.

Lots to prepare before then!

I will keep you posted and am looking forward to sharing all the exciting material this will generate :-)