Revit 2011 Web Update 2

I am currently attending an Autodesk-specific non-technical training in a pretty posh old English manor house, The Elvetham. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth I planted an oak tree here which is still standing, and King Henry VIII met one of his wives here, back in the sixteenth century.

In more recent news, a colleague just pointed out the Revit OpEd blog featuring a concise and clear overview of the newly released Revit 2011 web update 2, which is build 20100903_2115, and its relationship to other upcoming updates.

The web update of Revit 2011 can be downloaded from the public Revit product pages:

The first update in June, Revit 2011 Web Update 1 (WU1) is included in Web Update 2 (WU2), so it is not necessary to install WU1 first.

Here is the list of the WU2 API enhancements which extend the WU1 ones and are also applicable across all three flavours for Architecture, MEP and Structure, copied out of the enhancements list documents Enhancements_List_RAC_2011_UR2.pdf and the same for RME and RST:

The RME enhancement list mentions the following two additional MEP specific API enhancements: