Revit API Resource and Getting Started Guide

I was very enthusiastic about Rod Howarth's Autodesk University presentation, and especially the Revit API resource guide and suggestions for getting started with the Revit API that he presented in the second half.

Rod has now very friendlily published his Revit API Resource Guide.

To whet your appetite for having a closer look at this invaluable information, here is a table of contents I put together:

Resource Overview

The Process

  1. Learn how to do it manually
  2. Identify key words / areas
  3. RvtMgdDbg
  4. Search SDK Samples + Developers Guide
    1. Search through the SamplesContent.htm file
    2. Search through Visual Studio
    3. Search through Windows Explorer
    4. Search CHM
    5. Search Online
    6. IntelliSense / Experimentation
    7. ADN / Forums

Very highly recommended!

Thank you very much, Rod, for making this available!