No DevCamp – Better – NY AEC Technology Symposium

I have some good news and some bad news for you.

The good news is that Autodesk and ADN will be supporting the AEC Technology Symposium taking place in New York City May 16-18.

The bad news is that we are not holding an Autodesk AEC DevCamp this year, as we did on a bi-annual basis on the North American West Coast in 2008, 2010 and 2012, and out of sequence in Moscow, Russia, last year.

However, the AEC Technology Symposium offers another and even better opportunity to get up close and personal with Autodesk AEC software engineers.

The symposium itself is held on Friday the 16th, followed by a Hackathon over the weekend.

This is a very exciting venue for anyone interested in cutting edge AEC technology, BIM 360, Dynamo, Revit, and non-Autodesk AEC technologies too.

As said, this is a great and actually unique opportunity – at least in this year – for you to interact directly with Autodesk software engineers during the Hackathon – helping you learn new technologies and solve your pressing development challenges – and, just as importantly, during the talks on the first day, learn about cutting edge AEC technology from industry thought leaders (not just Autodesk).

You can learn more at

We hope to meet many of you that attended the AEC DevCamp in the past at this year’s AEC Technology Symposium!

Our apologies for the late notice, especially to all of you folks not based in North America.