Revit 2011 is Coming

Guy Robinson said it in May 2009: Revit 2011 - the most significant release EVER. He was referring to something completely different and might have meant it more as a joke at the time, but from an API point of view, it is suddenly true today.

The web site alphabetical list of products now points to new releases of all three flavours of Revit:

Leaving the product side of things for others to deal with, let's turn to the API. In this release, the Revit API has undergone both major renovation and major enhancement. The changes will affect every single application, both new and existing, so it will require more porting effort this time around, but very worthwhile and more future proof as a result.

The major renovations include:

Some of the major enhancements are:

Analysis visualisation

A host of other new features are coming as well, but these are more than enough to get anyone familiar with the API very excited indeed.

I will be covering these enhancements as fast as I can, of course. Everything is documented in the beta version of the Revit SDK, so you don't have to wait for me!

ADN members have access to the beta version on the ADN web site. Non ADN members will have to wait until the final release is available, I'm afraid.

There is a huge amount of material to cover, and I am really looking forward to diving into all this now.

As mentioned above, some of these changes affect every single existing application, so migration will be an issue for people who have already developed something.

Since some of the changes are so ubiquitous that every single application is affected, one of the things I am thinking of posting is a quick overview of 'My First Revit 2011 Add-In', which will touch on most of the new features that you immediately encounter when working with the new API.

So stay tuned, and let's celebrate!

Revit 2011 Release Date

I just discovered that the Revit 2011 release date has gone public on, and thought that might be intersting to share here as well: April 8.