Structural Analysis Links to Revit Structure

We had a look at available Revit Structure API resources almost a year ago, and also published the ADN Revit Structure labs and an analysis link sample.

Furthermore, we discussed the enhancements made in the Revit Structure 2011 API, but the labs and link samples published are still based on Revit 2010.

Let's update that to Revit Structure 2011 right here and now: here is It includes the ADN DevTech labs and link sample code previously discussed, as well as a new version of the RST labs for training purposes.

What prompted me to do this is the fact that Emile Kfouri, BIM Application Development Manager here at Autodesk, just published an overview of Structural Analysis Links to Revit Structure on BIMApps.

This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of existing Revit Structure Analysis Link applications available, and is certainly of interest to all RST users, regardless of whether you wish to use existing analysis link applications or roll your own.