Create a Real Revit Ribbon Tab

We made it to Paris on Friday after all, arriving a ten in the morning instead of the Thursday evening as planned. Still, we were able to successfully present the DevDays conference, so that was good. That was also the last day of my working year, at least officially. I spent the evening in Paris and had a nice train ride through the snow back to Switzerland on Saturday.

I have a number of Christmas presents collecting here in my inbox. The latest addition is a little note from Guy Robinson wishing us all a Merry Christmas and pointing out that my post on creating a custom ribbon tab can easily be enhanced to create a real Revit ribbon tab containing a real Revit ribbon panel. With that in hand, the standard Revit API commands can be used to create ribbon buttons which can launch Revit external commands as usual.

I am hoping to find time in the next few days to present some more of the goodies I am sitting on before I head off into a real break.