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Summer is here.

Autodesk shut down for the first week of July.

I went on a few mountain hikes, to Haggenspitz, Kleiner Mythen and the Gambarogno mountains.

Explorations to apply artificial intelligence in construction projects are under way.

World-wide Autodesk University, Forge Accelerator and BIM360 events have been announced.

In detail:

Haggenspitz Gipfelkreuz

Forge Accelerators in India and France

New Forge Accelerator events have been announced in to take place in Bangalore, India, September 4-8, and Lyon, France, October 23-27.

Participants spend the week at the workshop intensively working on their Forge-based projects with one-on-one help and advice from our DevTech and engineering teams. As with previous accelerators, participants benefit from several key opportunities during these workshops, including:

So, if you have an idea for a new cloud-based app using Autodesk Forge APIs, or you need help getting an existing app up and running well, come along to the accelerator event that suits you. There is no cost to attend – you are only responsible for your own travel costs including airfare, hotel, and food – although Autodesk generally picks up the cost for some meals during the week.

To learn more about the accelerators, please visit To submit your proposal, click on Apply.

The closing date for submitting your proposal is July 31 for Bangalore and September 8 for Lyon.

BIM 360 Online Hackathon

The Autodesk App Store team will be conducting its fifth annual online hackathon from August 1 to October 31, 2017.

This year, the hackathon is dedicated to apps that use the BIM 360 API.

The hackathon will consist of a series of web training sessions as detailed below. During the sessions, you will have the opportunity to receive help in real-time from the Autodesk Forge team. For all new apps on the BIM 360 platform submitted to the Autodesk App Store and accepted for publication in the store, a reward of 500 USD will be given, for one eligible app per entrant.

Registration for the hackathon will open soon. The hackathon is a great way to get started with the BIM 360 API, whether just learning about the API or actually preparing an app for submission.

Registration is required to attend the webinars and training sessions. You can sign up now.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about the BIM 360 hackathon, please drop us an email at

BIM 360 Integration and Partnering Webinar Recording

If you missed the recent BIM 360 Integration and Partnering webinar, you can view it the 70-minute BIM360 Partner Opportunity recording on YouTube:

This webinar walks you through the opportunities to integrate apps and services with BIM 360 and explains how to leverage Autodesk’s marketing and sales machine.

Call for Revit Add-In Developers using Dockable Pane and Point Cloud Engine

Do you use Dockable Panes or the Revit Point Cloud Engine API in your Revit application?

If so, please read on.

The Revit product team is planning to make enhancements in both these areas and would like to work with partners who use these features in their applications. The goal is to understand the partner application usage of these APIs and make sure to enable a smooth transition to the new APIs.

Here are the details:

If you are interested in discussing and testing the new APIs, working closely with the Revit product team, please send an e-mail to:

Forge at AU in China, Japan, Germany and Las Vegas

Forge developer conferences, aka DevCons, will take place alongside the Autodesk University event in China, Japan, Germany and Las Vegas:

To learn more and to register your interest in any of these events, please visit

Personally, I will be attending and presenting at the events in Darmstadt and Las Vegas.

Deep Learning Analyses Photos and Videos of Industrial Sites

Autodesk is investing in, whose photo and video management software is used to help improve the management of construction sites and other industrial settings. is working on analysing photos and videos of industrial sites using deep learning algorithms to help companies make safety, product and quality improvements. For more info, please refer to the article on Autodesk investment in

Enjoy the summer!