Happy Birthday, Dear Building Coder!

This is the thousandth and fourth post on The Building Coder, and today is its fifth birthday, a good double reason for celebration.

The first post ever was a warm welcome on August 22, 2008.

Here is a nice new and very professional Building Coder flash screen created by my son Christopher, also known as the composer Allerdings, to celebrate the occasion:

Thank you, Christopher! I love you.

A better reason still is that we hear how important this resource is for you guys. Here are a few selected samples of the wealth of appreciation I receive, and a pointer to a new Autodesk BIM product, while we are at it:

Appreciation from the Revit API Wish List Survey

The Building Coder was rated as one of the most important learning and research tools in the recent Revit API wishlist survey (reminder):

Rating of Revit API learning resources

Here are some comments we received on it:

Thank you ever so much for your interest, support and appreciation!

Above all, thank you for all the perseverance, energy and enthusiasm you invest in making use of the Revit API!

More Appreciation for The Building Coder

Thank you ever so much, everybody!

Addendum: My colleague Vladimir Ananyev contributed this nice graphical comment on the growing number of The Building Coder viewers:

Growing number of The Building Coder viewers Growing number of The Building Coder viewers

Thank you, Vladimir!   :-)

I am really touched.

So, after discreetly wiping our eyes, we all turn back relieved to the rat wheel of the technical and commercial aspects of life and business.

Autodesk Point Layout Product

Autodesk is announcing a new construction product, Autodesk Point Layout, the latest addition to the construction software portfolio.

This is a field layout software that runs on top of AutoCAD, Navisworks and Revit products, available in English.

Point Layout creates points in the BIM model for layout and transfers them to the field.

For a quick introduction, please take a gander at this 1:45 minute video:

This reminds me of our very own structural concrete setout point Revit add-in... :-)