Optimisation using Robot Structural Analysis API

After mentioning a very simple example of using the Revit Structural analytical model to find connected structural elements two days ago, here is a presentation of some more advanced structural optimisation in case you are interested in going further in this area, beyond the pure Revit API:

Al Fisher and Shrikant Sharma of UK-based Buro Happold Engineers published a whitepaper on exploiting the Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional API for structural optimisation. Its introduction says:

Access to an open API (application programming interface) can assist in the automation of common and repetitive tasks, helping to save time and costs. The open API provided with Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional software enables programmatic control of Robot, through which sophisticated bespoke tools for structural design optimization can be developed.

Within the construction industry, there is constant pressure to deliver projects more effectively on multiple fronts. This is most notable in the desire to reduce project time scales, while also consistently increasing capability and design quality.

This double-edged challenge leads designers to continually seek more effective ways of working. In this white paper, we demonstrate the use of Robot Structural Analysis Professional API to increase efficiency through automation of design processes, which can help reduce time scales and simplify workflow.

Furthermore, with this automation capability, innovative design processes such as rationalization, standardization, and design optimization become possible.

The whitepaper covers the following topics: