Revit 2015 Update Release 3

Revit 2015 Update Release 3 has been published.

It includes a large number of important new enhancements, as well as the improvements provided by the update releases 1 and 2.

I count the following numbers of bullet items in the release notes:

Here is the full list of Revit API enhancements:

The second to last item, especially, is one that many developers encountered and reported, e.g. like this:

NewTextNote Text Wrapping

Question: When I call the NewTextNote method to create a new text note in Revit 2015, it does not fill the text box, but wraps the text around the middle of the text box.

Here is a simple code example:

  XYZ origin = XYZ.Zero;
  XYZ baseVec = XYZ.BasisX;
  XYZ upVec = XYZ.BasisY;
  Transaction trans = new Transaction( doc );
  trans.Start( "Create text" );
  TextNote note = doc.Create.NewTextNote(
    view, origin, baseVec, upVec, 0.3,
    TextAlignFlags.TEF_ALIGN_BOTTOM | TextAlignFlags.TEF_ALIGN_LEFT,
    "Why is this line too long for the text box!" );
  //note.Width = 25;

This worked fine in Revit 2014, just as it should, but in Revit 2015 it fails.

I tried to regenerate and set the width after the note creation, but it does not help.

If you click on such a text note manually it fixes.

Answer: Install Revit 2015 Update Release 3.