Hashing and DevLabs

We successfully finished DevCamp yesterday. It ended after lunch, so we had time to drive out to our new hotel and the Autodesk office in Waltham.

The AEC workgroup that I belong meets every week in a phone conference, since we are spread out all across the world. It was great to be able to sit down and talk face to face for a change, even though we sadly were not complete since not all were able to travel over here.

I spent the evening with Michael Priestman, lead developer of the Navisworks core team, who very kindly introduced me to the joys and rituals of hashing. Michael is a long-time member of the Sheffield hashers, and he had found out when and where the Boston hashers were holding their weekly meeting.

After completing my first hash I am no longer Virgin Jeremy, but promoted to Just Jeremy. I liked it very much and will definitely look up possibilities to go hashing back home in Switzerland. An evening very well spent. Running cross-country like that, rain does not matter anymore in the least.

Now I am looking forward to seeing what surprises today will bring. 17 developers have registered for the DevLab taking place today and tomorrow here in Waltham. We will sit down together and discuss any issues that they may be having with their products and programming and our APIs. I am sure that will be very interesting and hope that there will be some resulting titbits that can be shared here later during the day.