The DevDays 2014 Conferences Have Started

Our tour of DevDays 2014 developer conferences in 16 cities around the world from November through January has started.

DevDays 2014

Our indefatigable leader Jim Quanci is already on the road, this time accompanied by Philippe Leefsma, attending all of the venues world-wide.

I will 'just' be attending the DevDay conference at Autodesk University in Las Vegas and all the Western European venues: Paris, London, Gothenburg, Munich and Milano.

Here is Daniel Du presenting the zero client WebGL based Autodesk View and Data web service API at DevDays Beijing:

Daniel Du and Philippe Leefsma at DevDays 2014 Beijing

The theme this time is 10x

Join us at DevDays 2014 to learn how you can take advantage of new technologies to grow your business reach by a factor of ten.

Got great ideas for cloud and mobile apps? Want to know where Autodesk is going with cloud, mobile, desktop and other innovative technologies to grow its business in the near and longer term?

Our annual DevDays events have always been the best way that our Autodesk Developer Network partners keep up to date with new and upcoming technology and features. This time we're showing you how to leverage what Autodesk is doing so that you can expand your customer base with new technology and new customers.

If you are serious about developing on Autodesk platform technologies and have not yet attended an Autodesk Developer Network Conference, join us for a deep dive into a whole range of products and services. We'll be covering Autodesk Cloud and Mobile APIs, including quick reviews of the View and Data API, Fusion 360, BIM 360, Infraworks 360, AutoCAD 360, and AutoCAD Core Engine Services APIs. Of course, we will be covering new features and APIs for our upcoming desktop products too.

DevDays is a traditional road show to 16 cities worldwide for the benefit of members of the Autodesk Developer Network. However, we're happy to hear from – and help – innovators, forward thinkers and companies just getting started, so even if you are not an ADN member and are interested in this event, we invite you view the information, locations and schedule at ADN members can register via that website. Non-ADN members can contact us at Material demonstrated and discussed at DevDays is highly confidential and under Non-disclosure Agreement.

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