Updated SDK for Revit 2012 Update Release 1

The Revit 2012 Update Release 1 or UR1 is now available, and the SDK has been updated as well.

Here are the main SDK update features:

Here are the steps I undertook to install the new version of the SDK and samples, and a detailed list of the differences I encountered:

  1. Renamed my existing SDK installation directory from SDK to SDK_rtm for 'release to manufacture', i.e. the first 2012 version released.
  2. Unpacked Revit2012SDK1.exe to the new SDK directory.
  3. Compared the two directories to find the differences: windiff SDK_rtm SDK.
  4. Opened SDKSamples2012.sln and recompiled all the samples. This requires either all three flavours of Revit to be installed in their default locations, or the use of RevitAPIDllsPathUpdater.exe, or some other trick to ensure that all the projects' Revit API assembly references are valid.
  5. Updated the paths in RvtSamples.txt to match my system, i.e. globally replaced "Z:\SDK2012\Samples\" by "C:\a\lib\revit\2012\SDK\Samples\".
  6. Set up one of the projects as a start-up project and specified it to start Revit.exe and load a specific simple project file to test.
  7. Hit F5 to start debugging and verify that all is in order, especially that RevitLookup and RvtSamples load and execute all right.
  8. This produces an error from RvtSamples saying that the CompoundStructure.dll assembly cannot found. For some reason, I have to go back to the solution and recompile that one separately again, all on its own.
  9. Once that is done, it all works and no warnings are produced. I have seen this strange behaviour before...

All in all, no huge changes, actually, and they all make sense :-)

If you are interested, here are the files that differ on my system after I have cleaned up and integrated everything, e.g. the differences that I wish to retain. They include a very few minimal trivial fixes, and some more significant modifications to RvtSamples, which are for my personal use when testing.

eTransmit for Revit

Another newly released piece of useful Revit functionality: eTransmit for Revit.

Easily share building information models using this Revit add-in application technology preview. With eTransmit for Revit, you can:

Common uses for eTransmit:

It's live on Labs.

Addendum: Here is a snapshot of my current RvtSamples.txt today, August 9 2011, in answer to Rui Liu's comment below.