DevCamp, Devlabs and Updated API Training Schedule


Registration for the AEC DevCamp on June 7-9, 2010, in Boston, MA has opened. This is the software developer conference for anyone considering or actively developing applications and integrations with Autodesk architecture, engineering, and construction technologies. Besides all versions of Revit, this also includes AutoCAD Architecture, Navisworks, and the infrastructure technologies Civil 3D, Map 3D and MapGuide Enterprise.

During the three days, we will be holding more than twenty training classes on the various APIs, including introductory classes for people just starting to customise and advanced topics for professional developers. There is also a business track for software business owners. Here are some of the beginner classes, most of which are targeted at Revit:

These are some of the expert classes:

There is also a track of classes on sharing, including

And finally, a dedicated business track covers topics such as teaming with the Autodesk sales team and resellers, leveraging your relationship with Autodesk, and understanding Autodesk mergers and acquisitions.

I am very excited about this event, partly since I will be giving some of the presentations myself, and partly because several of the expert classes will be presented by members of the Revit development team and are guaranteed to contain in-depth information that is new to me and not obtainable elsewhere.

Here is the full agenda, and further information and registration access is available from the DevCamp 2010 website. An early bird discount rate applies until April 30, 2010.

API Training Schedule

It is still a while before that becomes imminent, though. Meanwhile, I am still working full tilt on preparing the upcoming Revit API training for Warsaw. It will be based on the new version of the API, so there is a lot of stuff to update to get all the samples working and the documentation adapted. We updated the API training schedule (which you can also access from the easy-to-remember URL It includes both class room and webcast trainings on the Revit API. To see them all, simply select 'Revit API' from the 'Course' pulldown. Due to increasing popular demand and also because quite a lot has changed in the Revit 2011 API, we have more class room trainings scheduled this year:


The DevCamp is directly followed by one of the DevLabs that we are holding and which are both free and open to all developers, completely independently of ADN membership, and also listed in the training schedule. Please note that the Waltham one directly after DevCamp was not present in the original list published by Kean. Our current schedule includes the following DevLabs with support for Revit development:

Please also note that when I last looked, these three all had different course descriptions in the training schedule. To find all three of them, you had to search for the following three separate descriptions:

So, lots of events, lots to prepare, lots of exciting meetings to look forward to!

I hope to see you at one of these venues!