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Team Meeting and Deploy to Heroku Button

I am in London for an internal meeting with my European ADN DevTech colleagues today:

European ADN Team Meeting

As you might guess from the pictures, we are in Broad Court, right next to Bow Street and beside the nice bronze statue Young Dancer by Enzo Plazotta.

By a happy chance, we are also celebrating Adam's birthday today.

Congratulations, Adam!

During the meeting, Cyrille mentioned the possibility to add a 'deploy to Heroku' button to a GitHub repository readme to automate the installation and testing a cloud-based app.

I use Heroku to run all my cloud-based apps, as I explained describing the CompHound deployment to Heroku, so I decided to test that right away.

In fact, it is extremely easy, as explained in the Heroku documentation on creating a 'Deploy to Heroku' button.

Here is the code I added to the fireratingdb to do so:

Here is a button to immediately and fully automatically deploy and run this app on your Heroku account for you, creating a new free account for you on the fly if needed:

<a href="">
  <img src="" alt="Deploy">

I added, committed and pushed the updated readme to the GitHub repository, and the new button appears like this:

'Deploy to Heroku' button

This takes you through all the steps fully automatically with no manual intervention required, except possibly to enter your account details and credentials.

Pretty cool.

I plan add that to my other cloud-based app GitHub repos as well.

It will be interesting to see what other topics crop up here... our agenda is long and time is short.