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Comphound, JsFiddle and My First React Widget

I am long overdue to prepare for my upcoming conferences this autumn, RTC Europe in Budapest end of October and Autodesk University in Las Vegas in December.

For both of them, I committed to implementing and demonstrating a cloud-based universal component and asset usage analysis, visualisation and reporting:

We describe the nitty-gritty programming details to implement a cloud-based system to analyse, visualise and report on universal component and asset usage. The components could be Revit family instances used in BIM or any other kind of assets in any other kind of system. The focus is on the cloud-based database used to manage the component occurrences, either in global or project based coordinate systems. Searches can be made based on geographical location or keywords. Models are visualised using the Autodesk View and Data API, providing support for online viewing and model navigation.

I just christened this project Comphound, for hounding out and tracking down those pesky components   :-)

Besides the web server and database aspects already explored for the firerating sample that I recently discussed here in depth, the new tool will also sport a user interface.

Therefore, I started looking at the React JavaScript library for building user interfaces, implemented and used by none other than Facebook.

I also implemented my first JsFiddle, a minimal pre-test version of a Firerating Door List React Component:

Now I am also taking a new look at the Autodesk View and Data API side of things, and bringing it all together as quickly and painlessly as possible...

This will be a nice project to take with me to the upcoming cloud accelerator in Prague next week!