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The IoT and SeeControl

Autodesk announced its intention to acquire SeeControl, a San Francisco-based developer of an enterprise Internet of Things or IoT cloud service platform.

Every day we hear an IoT story about a new factory, product, building or highway enabled with sensors to give it smarts. There will be several billion connected devices within the next few years. The growth of this technology may fundamentally change how consumers interact with their physical environment in much the same way that tablets and smart phones have. This can be seen as an enormous opportunity. As Autodesk is moving from a product to a service company, customers are interested in moving from the delivery and installation of machines, factories and buildings to optimizing their performance and availability, cf. Industry 4.0 and GE's vision for the industrial Internet of Things.

SeeControl uses IoT technology to enable capturing and analysing data from sensors on products and manufacturing lines to develop applications for a range of scenarios from monitoring to preventive maintenance and autonomous decision-making.

IoT technology is broadly applicable across all markets, although the most immediate opportunities may lie in the manufacturing sector.

Here is an eight-minute YouTube video providing the providing an overview of SeeControl and its technology given by Bryan Kester, CEO of SeeControl, in his presentation at the 'Battle of the Platforms' at the 2014 M2M Evolution Conference in Las Vegas:

SeeControl touts 'no programming required' and also mentions a REST based API...

This may become a big deal, truly 'Born In The Cloud' and potentially large business:

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