Athens AngelHack Hackathon

I am in the middle of the Athens AngelHack Hackathon, after the View and Data workshop we held last night:

Angel Workshop I♥3D

We held the second I love 3D – Athens meetup yesterday in The Cube, with 19 enthusiastic participants:

Angel workshop Athens

Here are some of the main links for further exploration:

All of our code samples are hosted on GitHub at

Here are some of our favourite ones:

Take a look – you will be impressed – I promise.

Afterwards, we held heated discussion on technical, political and general human topics in a nearby restaurant:

Angel workshop Athens

Thank you all for your interest, guys!

AngelHack Athens Hackathon

Now we are getting started with the AngelHack hackathon:

AngelHack Athens Hackathon

I already published the list of prizes, including one from Autodesk for the best 3D app.

Now Peter and I took the opportunity to quickly talk about the View and Data API, and also point out the good advice on preparing for a hackathon that I snarfed from @athahar at the recent Dubai hackathon.

The pitches have been held, teams have formed, lunch is served and hacking is just starting.

Here is a list of the topics people are going to work on:

Project Pitches