Athens AngelHack Hackathon and Node.js REST Workshop

I am in the middle of the preparations for a couple of events in June:

AngelHack and I♥3D in Athens

I am already on my way to the second I love 3D – Athens meetup on June 5th in The Cube, Greece's biggest coworking space, followed by the AngelHack hackathon coming weekend.

I am travelling there via a detour sleeping out on the beaches of Euboea Island, on which I already visited Limni or Λιμνι on the north end a couple of years ago. This time, I am heading towards its east and south end instead.

Talking about hackathons past and present, here is a brief summary and a longer, more complete, report on the recent AngelHack hackathon in Dubai.

Check out the full AngelHack Athens event details, schedule and prizes.

Let's highlight those prizes:

I already listed a number of links to resources for getting prepared for the 3D challenge last time I mentioned the AngelHack and I♥3D in Athens.

Node.js REST Workshop

I'm starting to think about the Node.js REST workshop that I want to prepare for the last weekend of the Milano WebGL Workshop on June 27.

One thing that caught my attention while snooping around was a comment on the full HTTPS REST server in Node.js tutorial pointing to Roy T. Fielding's article pointing out that many so-called RESTful APIs are not REST at all.

Roy's opinion should be taken seriously, since his dissertation, on Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures, defines the REST architectural style as a model for the design principles behind the modern web architecture.

Another introduction that caught my eye was on node.js and express – creating a REST API.

The nicest one so far – above all, a typographical pleasure to read – is Brittney Kernan's Create a REST API With Node.js.

I can also simply take a deeper look at my colleague Philippe's mongo-admin and Cyrille's Node.js View and Data API samples.

They would both make pretty good examples for getting started...

I'll let you know what I end up with.