First Cloud Accelerator Success – Second Coming Up

The first Autodesk Cloud Accelerator completed last week with great success.

As a result, the Autodesk Cloud Accelerator v2 has already been announced, in quick succession, on June 1-12, 2015.

What is this cloud accelerator thing? Simply put, a two-week intensive workshop for creative developers, hosted by Autodesk in San Francisco, to expand your business in the cloud. Read more about it on the web site and in my announcement of the first Autodesk Cloud Accelerator two months ago.

Apply soon – the deadline is looming on the horizon, on April 19, 2015.

Here are some of the preliminary results and feedback from the first accelerator:

12 proposals were selected from 50 applications, targeted at the following domains:

All the attendees were very happy with the event and made significant progress integrating our APIs into their applications.

The new products are well underway to being launched!

The accelerator web site provides a list of the attending companies.

Some of the benefits the attendees mentioned were:

The website has already been updated with some of the feedback, with lots more to follow soon.

Good luck preparing your application!